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Coolsculpting® Before & After Case 3

This 45-year-old woman had a C-section that left her abdomen deformed. She was extremely unhappy about the "side-by-side pouches" that remained following the birth of her child, and she was frustrated that her active lifestyle was not making a difference. For her, as with many women in Detroit, tummy tuck is the best option to restore a pre-baby belly.

When performing a tummy tuck in Michigan, plastic surgeon William J. Vasileff tightens the abdominal muscles and removes excess skin and fat. This patient wore a compression garment for several weeks following surgery to support her abdomen while it healed. Although she did experience some discomfort, she said over-the-counter pain medicine made her feel much better. After several weeks of taking it easy, she was able to resume her daily routine.

This patient's "after" photos were taken six months following surgery. As you can see, she enjoyed dramatic results. She has the flatter, firmer abs of her youth and feels much more confident in her clothes and at the beach.

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