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CoolSculpting® Elite

Reduce Fat from Trouble Spots with Advanced Techniques at Our Spa Serving Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr, and Newtown Square

Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa now offers the leading-edge CoolSculpting® Elite for Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, and Philadelphia-area patients who want to reduce unwanted pockets of subcutaneous fat. This new, state-of -the art body sculpting treatment is designed to treat a larger number of areas in a shorter amount of time compared to original CoolSculpting®. In fact, CoolSculpting® Elite removes more fat than any other non-invasive fat reduction procedure.

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What is CoolSculpting® Elite?

Even with the best diet and exercise plan, burning fat from some areas can be challenging. Ever notice how we gain and lose fat more easily from some areas compared to others? Genetics and hormones have the biggest influence over how our body stores fat. For patients who want to alter their body shape by addressing unwanted areas of fat, CoolSculpting® Elite is the answer.

CoolSculpting® Elite works the same way as the original device, but with additional technological advances.

Just like original CoolSculpting®, this newer version freezes fat cells and prompts the body to remove them, thereby reducing the volume of resistant fat by 20 to 25 percent. The device applies targeted cooling to specific areas using cryolipolysis, chilling tissues to a temperature that makes fat freeze. Fat is especially sensitive to cold temperatures, so muscle, skin, and other tissues are left unharmed. Treated fat is safely cleared by the body's metabolic processes.

What makes CoolSculpting® Elite more effective than the original? CoolSculpting® Elite provides an enhanced body contouring experience because of its compact design and its C-shaped—rather than U-shaped— cup applicator. This enables it to have increased tissue contact, better suction, more even results, and fewer side effects, providing a more comfortable experience for patients and a quicker overall treatment session.

Coolsculpting Elite, Bryn Mawr, PA

Treated surface area is increased by as much as 18 percent with the new design, and the device allows patients to target two separate areas at the same time in a single session. CoolSculpting® Elite is approved for reducing nine common areas of unwanted fat: double chins, excess fat on the male chest, arm fat, belly bulges, love handles on the flanks, bra rolls, banana rolls below the buttocks, and fat on the inner and outer thighs.

A CoolSculpting® Elite session is very well tolerated. Patients may experience temporary sensations such as intense cold, mild pinching, tugging, stinging, or aching at the treatment site, but no anesthesia, injections, or incisions are necessary.

Who is a Candidate for CoolSculpting® Elite?

Both men and women can benefit from this new and improved form of fat freezing if they have problem areas that don't respond well to diet and exercise. The Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa team will help you decide whether this treatment will be suitable for you during your consultation.

CoolSculpting® Elite does not reduce hard, visceral fat that's close to the internal organs, so it is not meant for weight loss and is not a treatment for obesity. It's best for patients who are close to their ideal body weight, but who have a few stubborn areas of unwanted fat.

Coolsculpting Elite, Bryn Mawr, PA

Results and Recovery from CoolSculpting® Elite

After having CoolSculpting® Elite, patients may have mild, temporary side effects, such as redness, swelling, blanching, or bruising. There is virtually no downtime required after a session. It typically takes around three months for the full results from CoolSculpting® Elite treatments to be achieved. Once treated fat cells are cleared from the body, they don't return or go to other areas on the body.

Other Body Contouring Procedures

EMSCULPT® is also available for patients who want to sculpt their body by building muscle and losing fat. Exilis Ultra is a radiofrequency and ultrasound-based system for fat loss and skin tightening, while Vanquish ME is another radiofrequency option for fat reduction. Patients can reduce double chins with Kybella®, an injectable that dissolves fat in the submental area.

Get CoolSculpting® Elite at our Bryn Mawr and Newtown Square practices. Patients in the Philadelphia area and beyond, please BOOK ONLINE, submit a Contact Form, or call 610.525.5029.
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