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Acne treatment in Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr, and Newtown Square

Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer Institute has been the area leader in acne treatment for teenagers, young adults, and parents for almost 50 years! During that time, many outstanding acne treatment options have become available. There is no reason why anyone should suffer the physical or psychological effects of acne today.

What Causes Acne?

The exact cause of acne remains unknown. However, there are many factors that can trigger an outbreak. Overproduction of oil is one known trigger.

Hair follicles are connected to glands that secrete an oily substance known as sebum. A lubricant for your hair and skin, sebum carries dead skin cells to the surface of the skin. When too much sebum and dead skin cells are produced, a build-up in the follicle produces a soft plug, creating an environment where bacteria can thrive. Pimples are the end result.

Other factors known to trigger acne and aggravate existing acne include genetics, hormones, menstruation, and emotional stress.

We treat acne every day! Learn how acne treatment at Philadelphia's Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer Institute can help you achieve clear, blemish-free skin. Visit the Contact Us page on our website or phone 610.525.5028.

Acne Facts

Acne usually begins in puberty. Left untreated, it can lead to significant physical and psychological side effects, such as permanent scarring, poor self-image, depression, and anxiety.

  • Acne is the most common skin disorder, affecting 40 to 50 million Americans.
  • Nearly 85% of all people have acne at some point in their lives, most often on their face, chest, and back.
  • By mid-teens, more than 40% of adolescents have acne or acne scarring that requires treatment by a dermatologist.

At-Home Acne Treatment Tips

Effective acne treatment begins at home:

  • Gently wash affected areas once or twice a day with a mild non-drying soap. Vigorous washing and scrubbing can irritate your skin and make acne worse.
  • Shampoo hair often—daily if it is oily.
  • Wash pillowcases, sheets and makeup brushes often. They absorb and store oil and may reapply it to your skin.
  • Use oil-free cosmetics, toiletries, and sunscreens. Look for "noncomedogenic" products—they do not clog pores.
  • Avoid astringents, which may unnecessarily dry the skin.
  • To prevent scars, do not pop, squeeze, or pick at acne.
  • Seek treatment early for severe acne that does not respond to over-the-counter medications.

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Cirillo Institute is the most credentialed and most comprehensive skincare, plastic surgery, and aesthetic dermatology center in Philadelphia. Our practices combine state-of-the-art treatments with the expertise of certified dermatologists and other professionals to address all medical,pediatric, and cosmetic needs.

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Medical Acne Treatment Options

Acne treatments work by reducing oil production, speeding up skin cell turnover, fighting acne bacteria, and/or reducing the inflammation.

For mild acne, topical retinoids and benzoyl peroxide are often highly effective for unblocking pores and combatting bacteria. The type of acne you have will determine which product is most suitable for you.

Oral antibiotics are the standard of care in the management of moderate-to-severe acne, acne that is resistant to topical therapy, and acne that covers large body surface areas. Often used in combination with topical retinoids, oral antibiotics can help lower the population of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), a bacterium commonly found on the skin that multiplies rapidly in blocked follicles. They also help reduce inflammation.


For severe nodular cystic acne, the most serious form of this skin disease, or acne that is recalcitrant to topical and antibiotic therapy, Accutane (oral isotretinoin) is the treatment of choice. The American Academy of Dermatology and Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer Institute are committed to the safe and responsible use of Accutane.

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Cosmetic Acne Scar Removal

Numerous safe and effective cosmetic dermatology options exist for acne scar therapy. These include:

As acne scars are unique in their appearance and often have complex characteristics, a customized treatment plan is your best option for acne scar removal.

Anti-Acne Facial

Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa offers a popular Anti-Acne Facial that complements our medical treatments for acne. Many clients find that these anti-acne facials help them manage their acne and maintain their complexion.

This 60-minute facial includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and acupressure to open clogged pores. Your pores are cleared of excess oil and cellular debris and thus, blemishes are less likely to reoccur. A soothing mask is also applied. The Anti-Acne facial promotes clear, smooth, blemish-free skin.

Learn how acne treatment at Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer Institute and acne scar removal at Cirillo Cosmetic in Philadelphia can help you achieve clear, blemish-free skin. Visit the Contact Us page on our website or phone 610.525.5028.
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