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Cheek Implants and More

Chin Augmentation, Otoplasty, and Cheek Augmentation for the Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr, and Newtown Square Areas

People looking to make a change to their facial appearance have a lot of options, including everything from minimally invasive wrinkle-smoothing injections to cheek implants at the Philadelphia area's Cirillo Plastic Surgery. Chin augmentation can help give the lower face more prominence, while otoplasty shapes the ears so they don't stick too far out to either side.

The goal of any procedure, whether cheek implants or ear shaping, is to create a look that reveals balance and proportion, putting each element and feature of your face and body in harmony with the rest. Learn more about cheek implants and other plastic surgery procedures, as well as minimally invasive fillers, that focus on specific regions.

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What Do Fillers and Cheek Implants in Philadelphia Involve?

Patients who want to add contour to the cheek area of their face may decide to use temporary dermal fillers or receive more permanent cheek implants.

Some fillers are designed specifically to restore lost volume to hollow or sunken areas of the face, with results that can last anywhere from several months to more than one year, depending on the type of filler used.

In addition to fillers, Dr. Laura Gowen offers cheek implants, which are inserted beneath the facial skin and muscle via an incision in the mouth, the lower eyelid, or the hairline. Cheek implants can change the structural appearance of the face, creating a more permanent, defined profile.


What Does Chin Augmentation Involve?

Increasing the prominence of the chin can be accomplished in one of two ways. There are implants available that can add projection to the lowest part of the face, or the chin bone can be cut and moved into the new desired position. Dr. Gowen will help to determine which is the safest and most effective chin augmentation method, otherwise known as genioplasty, on a patient-by-patient basis.

What Does Otoplasty Involve?

Cosmetic otoplasty is for children or adults who feel that their ears stick out too far or are misshapen in some way. The surgery involves Dr. Gowen putting sutures into the cartilage in key places in the ear to help reshape it and bring it close to the head.

Dr. Gowen also performs ear reconstruction after damage from trauma or cancers that have been removed.

Earlobe repair is an option for people who are unhappy with their earlobes after earrings tearing or stretching the tissue there.

Options Beyond Cheek Implants in Philadelphia

Other surgical procedures that impact the face include rhinoplasty, which alters the size and shape of the nose, and a facelift, which tightens sagging and loose skin on the lower half of the face. Both of these can be paired with cheek implants and the other procedures noted here, as well as injectable, chemical, or laser treatments that alter the texture or appearance of the skin.

Dr. Laura Gowen and the team at Cirillo Plastic Surgery are ready to talk to you about chin augmentation, cheek implants, and more in the Philadelphia area. Schedule a consultation by calling 610.525.0500 or visiting our Contact Us page.