Please welcome Susan L. Lovett, MD, FAAD!

Favorite food?

Morel Mushrooms (fresh), asparagus, red raspberries (just picked), scallops, lamb, and watercress.


Reading, Walking and Hiking, Playing Piano.

What’s on the top of your list of skin care advice?

Wear sunblock, everyday. Damage is cumulative. Be reasonable about the amount of sun you get.

What’s something you do to take care of your skin all the time?

I started wearing a hat in my 20’s. I would get headaches when hiking from the sunlight coming in behind my sunglasses. The brim blocks that out.

What excites you about your work?

People are often scared of what could be on their skin and it can really impact their state-of-mind throughout their daily lives. Being able to give them help ease that concern with what we do, so they can leave with peace of mind, makes me so happy. I have the opportunity to create a better atmosphere for patients, that really impacts their daily life. Much like dropping a pebble on end of a pond, it ripples across the whole pond, effecting all of it. I like to think that the glass is never half full or half empty, if you look at it from above- it looks almost full.

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