Laser Redness Reduction and Vascular Lesion Removal

More Even Skin Tone and Texture for Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, Philadelphia, and the Main Line

Struggling with a blotchy complexion, age spots, visible vessels, or overall redness? Facial redness reduction for Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, and Philadelphia-area patients is available for anyone who wants a clearer, more even skin tone. Laser and/or intense pulse light the red away!

The Cirillo Cosmetic team has a range of laser and light treatments available for facial redness reduction. Options include the excel® V+ laser to address redness and pigment problems, as well as to smooth out wrinkles and soften scars for more youthful skin texture and tone.

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*Individual results may vary.

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Dr. Victoria Cirillo-Hyland on Cutera's excel® V + Laser (ASDS Conference 2019)

*Individual results may vary.

What Types of Facial Redness Can Lights and Lasers Treat?

Redness can present in many ways. It may be diffuse across the entire face or may only appear in specific areas. It may be temporary or chronic. Redness may be additionally accompanied by pigment problems. Redness may appear in scars as well.

Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa offers multiple laser and light treatments to address a wide variety of patients’ needs. The excel® V+ laser, for example, is a versatile device that can address rosacea symptoms, overall redness, facial telangiectasia (aka “spider veins”), angiomas, port-wine stains, bruising, benign pigmented lesions, and more.

We use multiple types of vascular lesion lasers and state-of the-art intense pulsed light for optimal results in the treatment of facial redness in both children and adults. The Genesis V handpiece, for example, is ideal for targeting the “microvasculature” below the skin, which is the web of our smallest blood vessels. Micro-pulses from the device deliver energy into the targeted tissue, leading to increased collagen production and remodeling for thicker, more resilient skin. The energy also tones down diffuse redness, reduces brown age spots, decreases the severity of visible scars, and addresses a range of visible signs of aging. Talk to a member of our team to discover what would work best for your unique situation.

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Led by board-certified dermatologist Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland, M.D., our certified PA-Cs, licensed registered nurses, and skin care therapists provide comprehensive aesthetic skin rejuvenation to help our clients look and feel 10 years younger.

How Do Facial Redness Reduction Treatments Work?

Energy emitted by the laser travels through the surface layers of the skin to be absorbed by specific targets. For example, when treating spider veins, the laser energy is absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood vessel. This transfer of energy leads to the collapse/destruction of the unwanted spider vein. As the visible vessels collapse and disappear, facial redness decreases. The same laser principle applies when treating pigmented lesions.

Since the body works to gradually absorb collapsed veins and break down pigmented lesions, it can take weeks for the desired results to develop. It is important to protect the skin against sun exposure during this time. Laser-treated skin is especially sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. Use a quality sunscreen when going outdoors. Practicing sun safety can maximize facial redness reduction treatment results and preserve skin health.

What Else Can Lasers Do?

In addition to facial redness reduction, the excel® V+ laser and other light-based devices can also help with skin tightening by stimulating production of collagen, hair removal by damaging hair follicles, and acne by decreasing inflammation and killing P. Acnes (bacteria present in acne).

Explore the full scope of possibilities available at Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa by arranging a consultation. Our team can address your unique concerns and recommend the ideal facial redness reduction treatment, as well as other procedures or products for a rejuvenated appearance.

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