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Body Lifts and Other Cosmetic Surgery Choices for Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, Philadelphia, and the Main Line

In cosmetic surgery terms, a “lift” is traditionally used to describe the process of removing excess skin and other tissue that creates a sagging, drooping appearance. While there are several reasons this condition may exist, the most common cause is weight loss.

As fat cells increase in number and size, they tend to stretch out the overlying skin. If those fat cells are then reduced, whether through diet and exercise, liposuction, or bariatric surgery, the skin may not shrink back to its original size and shape. Patients dealing with this problem are left with loose tissue that gives them a flabby look wherever it hangs, from the arms to the belly to the thighs. Patients seeking cosmetic surgery in Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, or Philadelphia, PA, may choose a lift to correct this, or to tighten loose skin due to aging or genetics.

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What Does Brachioplasty Cosmetic Surgery Involve?

One form of vaginal rejuvenation, a vaginoplasty, specifically addresses the vaginal canal and its associated mucous membrane (as opposed to a labiaplasty, which focuses on the external tissues). The term “vaginoplasty” technically refers to the creation of a well-functioning vagina. Dr. Gowen can repair damage due to childbirth, cancer, and other trauma, which can improve physical sensation and reduce associated pain that may be felt during intercourse.

This procedure may be considered reconstructive or cosmetic, and frequently involves tightening tissue and muscle to restore tone.

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What Does Brachioplasty Cosmetic Surgery Involve?

Patients who have sagging skin on their upper arms may choose a brachioplasty. This cosmetic surgery is commonly known as an arm lift, and may include the removal of excess skin, tightening of supportive tissue, and some fat reduction.

The goal is to create a sleeker, more sculpted upper arm with skin that doesn’t wobble underneath when the arm is held up.

What Does Thigh Lift Cosmetic Surgery Involve?

Though this cosmetic surgery is commonly referred to as a thigh lift, it often involves the buttocks as well. These areas are especially prone to sagging after weight loss, so this lift typically includes the removal of loose skin and some fat as necessary.

The end result of this cosmetic surgery can be skin that is smoother and contours that reveal a firmer, more toned lower body.

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What Does Body Lift Cosmetic Surgery Involve?

A circumferential body lift involves a tummy tuck, or panniculectomy, to address the excess skin (otherwise known as pannus) on the abdomen, as well as a lower body (or lower back) lift, which addresses the lower back, buttock, and hips. Liposuction is often a part of these procedures to smooth out the final contours.

Final Words on Body Cosmetic Surgery for Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, and Philadelphia, PA

Each body contouring procedure is unique to the individual patient, who may also choose to include a facelift, skin procedure, or breast surgery, such as a breast lift. Men suffering from gynecomastia may also choose surgery to correct the problem.

Such details as the scope of surgery, recovery time, and cost will vary depending on the specific procedures chosen and can be discussed at the consultation.

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