Book Follow-up Appointment

Book Follow-up Appointment

Dermatologists are like dentists – – depending on your age and unless you were in for just a “focused issue”- – they typically want to check your condition or re-check you for skin cancer in 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. We prefer that you check-out at our front desk to get your next visit on your doctor’s schedule before the schedule becomes full. If you use our Express Checkout service, we will attempt to contact you later that day or the following day to schedule your follow-up. However, it is your responsibility to schedule your follow-up unless you have skin cancer – – then it is our responsibility to ensure you schedule to come back in for treatment.



If you are prescribed a prescription, please do not drive immediately your pharmacy after your visit. Our providers typically finalize their notes twice-per-day: during lunch and at the day’s end. Prescriptions are sent electronically after note finalization. Please check with your pharmacy to ensure your prescription has been filled prior to traveling there.


When we check you out, you may receive a text or eMail asking you “How Was Your Experience?” We hope you give us an honest answer, and we’ve made the process as simple as possible for you. You have 3 easy options to quickly tell us about your experience:

  • leave a GOOGLE Review (this is public and not-gated), or
  • leave a Facebook Recommendation (this is public and not-gated), or
  • reply with a TEXT message reply (this is private and not-gated).
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We know not everyone has a GOOGLE and/or Facebook log-in, and we know some prefer to send private feedback, so we’re happy to offer all 3 options. Unlike most establishments, we do not filter/screen our REVIEWS, only showing you the good ones. We hold ourselves to high standards and we expect to be told if we feel short of your expectations.

We find the best feedback is often a call or a discussion in person with an office manager/spa director. We are always happy to speak with our patients about how we can improve, and also about how awesome we are! We strive to deliver a fantastic experience from start-to-finish for our patients.