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Spider Vein Reduction for Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, Philadelphia, and the Main Line

Although there are many cosmetic treatments to smooth, tighten, and rejuvenate the skin, millions of women and men are still bothered by unsightly veins on their legs and face. Known as “spider veins”—or telangiectasia—these small red, blue, or purple blood vessels occur most frequently on the face and thighs and are usually asymptomatic and not indicative of other health issues. Laser vein treatment for the Bryn Mawr and Newtown Square areas at Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa can clear them away.

Patients should note that spider veins, which are small and fine, differ from varicose veins, which are thicker and “ropier.” Varicose veins can be uncomfortable or painful and their removal is often deemed medically necessary and covered by most insurance companies. A member of the Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa team will examine your visible veins and recommend a treatment plan designed to maximize results.

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How Does Laser Vein Treatment Work?

Using a focused beam of light, the laser used in laser vein treatment heats up the affected blood vessel with a precise dosage of energy. The light energy converts into heat as it is absorbed by the darker-pigmented hemoglobin—found in red blood cells and the reason oxygenated blood appears red—in the veins. This heat triggers the destruction of the veins without damaging the nearby skin tissue. The unwanted veins seal off and collapse.

Once collapsed, the vein or veins are reabsorbed by the body over a period of eight to 12 weeks. Because the veins are not an important or necessary part of the circulatory system, they can be addressed without impacting the rest of the body’s ability to get blood where it needs to go.

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What Causes Spider Veins?

Spider veins form as valves in the vessels weaken and fail to keep blood moving in only one direction. Allowed to flow backward, the blood can settle or pool, causing the vessel walls to bulge and grow increasingly visible.

There are many factors that may contribute to spider vein formation: genetics, weight, sedentary lifestyle, physical trauma, hormone fluctuations, pregnancy, and even exposure to sunlight. Any of these factors alone can be enough, or they may work together to create ideal conditions for formation of spider veins.

The unwanted spider veins are visible due to their proximity to the surface of the skin. They also tend to grow in clusters, which makes them even more visible.

How Many Spider Vein Treatment Sessions Are Required?

In general, most patients should expect to enjoy the best cosmetic results after two or three spider vein treatment sessions. Smaller veins may clear up after a single treatment. During your initial consultation, the best treatment plan will be discussed with you.

You can return to your normal activities after a laser vein treatment session. Small bruises will fade over the next 14 days. All treated areas should be protected from ultraviolet radiation for at least four to eight weeks following a session, since sunlight exposure can cause dark spots to develop in the treated areas. Ongoing sun protection is also a preventive measure that lowers your risk of forming new spider veins, as well as skin cancer.

Are There Other Treatments Available for Spider Veins?

While laser vein treatments are highly effective for diminishing the appearance of small spider veins, the gold standard for treating larger spider veins is sclerotherapy. This method involves the injection of an irritating agent directly into the unwanted veins, causing them to collapse. Talk to the Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa team to determine which treatment would be best for your specific veins.

More Laser Treatment Options

Beyond laser vein treatments, Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa offers laser skin resurfacing, skin tightening, hair removal, redness reduction and vascular lesion removal, tattoo removal, and overall skin rejuvenation. Lasers use a single wavelength of light that selectively treats the desired target.

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