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Mastopexy for Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, Philadelphia, and the Main Line

A breast lift, otherwise known as a mastopexy, can restore the youthful shape and contour of breasts that women find sagging or drooping after aging, pregnancy, and changes in weight. A breast lift at the Bryn Mawr and Newtown Square-based Cirillo Plastic Surgery, serving the Main Line and all of the Philadelphia area, can involve raising your breasts higher on your chest, reshaping your breasts and eliminating excess tissue, moving your nipples into a more youthful position, and reducing the size of your areola, if necessary.

Each woman is unique, so while all breast lift surgeries have the same ultimate goal, the specific elements of the procedure will vary. Some patients have only a moderate amount of sagging and no other issues. Others have breasts that have significantly drooped and now feature large areolas and nipples directed at the ground. Specific problems call for specific solutions, so the breast lift details will be tailored to the patient.

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Who is a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

Women who are the most ideal candidates for breast lift surgery are those who have seen their breast skin stretch over time, leading to breasts that no longer appear to project well, but instead sag or point downward. Anything that causes breasts to grow in volume and then shrink again may cause this problem, which is why pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing—which together can make breasts grow and then shrink significantly—are often reasons women find themselves considering the procedure. Hormone fluctuations tend to automatically trigger these changes in size. When a child stops breastfeeding, the resulting shift is a common catalyst for sagging. The problem can be more significant if multiple children nurse over a series of years. That said, genetics can also play a significant factor, with some women finding that heredity alone is enough to make their breasts appear deflated instead of perky over time.

Beyond these factors, breast lift patients should be generally healthy and well informed, knowing what to expect from the procedure. Dr. Laura Gowen at Cirillo Plastic Surgery works with each woman who comes to her for help, developing a customized plan and answering questions to ensure the procedure runs as smoothly as possible and that positive results are maximized.

Breast lift candidates should also be able to maintain a stable weight, as weight gain or loss after the surgery can impact the results if the breast skin stretches again. The best way to preserve the look of newly lifted breasts is to ensure overall ongoing good health with a good diet and regular exercise.

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Laura A. Gowen, MD

What Does a Breast Lift Involve?

A mastopexy is usually an outpatient procedure that does not require an overnight stay in the hospital. Recovery time varies based upon the extent of the procedure, but you can typically resume normal daily activity within 10 to 14 days after breast lift surgery.

During your office consultation, we will discuss where incisions will be made on your breast, as well as what size you aim to be at the end of the procedure. Since the breast lift procedure itself involves removing excess breast skin, tightening the remaining skin to improve shape, and moving the nipples to a more youthful height on the breast, it can take several hours. If an increase in breast size is desired, we will place a breast implant during the procedure as well. This addition also impacts the duration of the procedure, healing, and other details.

Expect some tenderness, swelling, and bruising in the days following a breast lift surgery. These are common side effects of the procedure, and all of them are expected to resolve with no further attention.

The scars that result from a breast lift will depend on the amount of initial breast droop and final breast position and size, but will typically appear around the areola and on the lower portion of the breast. Depending on procedure specifics, the incision may be a crescent shape on the upper portion of the areola, a full circle around the entire areola, a circle with a line running straight down, or an “anchor” shape.

Every effort is made to place incisions so that resulting scars won’t show when you are wearing a bra or bathing suit. They will also fade over time, as long as they are properly cared for. This includes getting plenty of rest, staying out of the sun—which can cause scars to darken—and avoiding smoking, which impedes the healing process.

At the Cirillo Center for Plastic Surgery, mastopexy addresses both sagging and a lack of fullness. The result is shapely breasts with extra volume.

Age, pregnancy, and fluctuations in weight can lead to changes in breast shape and size. A mastopexy at Philadelphia’s Cirillo Center for Plastic Surgery combines a lift with augmentation (implants), ideal for women who want to increase breast size and projection.

Final Words on a Breast Lift for the Philadelphia Area

A breast lift can restore a youthful shape and contour to your breasts. During your consultation, we will discuss your goals for your silhouette. Remember that a lift is different from augmentation, but if a volume increase is also important to accompany the breast lift, size, options for incision placement, and typical recovery will also be discussed. Patients of a variety of ages are typically very happy after deciding to undergo a breast lift.

Options Beyond a Breast Lift in Bryn Mawr and Newtown Square

A breast lift alone addresses your breasts’ projection, so if your breasts have lost volume, or you would like to increase your breast size, a mastopexy can be combined with a breast augmentation at the same time. Talk to Dr. Laura Gowen about which procedure or procedures would be best for your unique situation.

While many patients choose to get implants to increase their breast size, some opt for smaller breasts for reasons of aesthetics or physical comfort. A breast reduction is another option to discuss when it comes to changes body contours and proportions. Since it involves removing tissue, it can provide a lifting effect, though that is not its primary intent.

Men who have the look of breasts due to the development of breast tissue or excess fat on the chest can get help from gynecomastia surgery. With this procedure the goal is not so much to lift, as to get rid of the tissue that forms male breasts, whether they sag or not.

Patients who are dealing with sagging skin that requires a breast lift to correct may also have loose skin on other areas of the body. A tummy tuck deals with this problem on the abdomen, a Brazilian butt lift adds volume to the backside, and a facelift addresses lax tissue that creates jowls and hides sleek neck contours. Other cosmetic body procedures include arm lifts and thigh lifts.

Any of these options can be performed as a unique procedure, but they may also be combined for an overall rejuvenating effect. Discuss your options to discover whether a breast lift or other procedure is the right choice for you.

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