Edward Ryan MD

Any favorite Sports?

My favorite sport to participate in is golf. I played football, basketball, baseball and ran track in high school at Archmere Academy but now that I have “matured” I find that golf provides me with one of the few chances to compete.  It also requires mental discipline and toughness.

My favorite viewing sport is NFL football. It’s great TV game – perfectly set up with commercial breaks allowing for trips to the kitchen.  It makes the fall Sundays something to look forward to.

What’s something about you that not many people know?

Anyone who knew me when I was younger would be surprised by my affinity for public speaking. I was very shy but have overcome that and now give many scientific talks every year. I look forward to every opportunity for public speaking.

How did you become interested in Dermatology?

I became interested in Dermatology while a 3rd year medical student.  I developed a moderately severe case of poison ivy and was lucky to see a dermatologist who was able to diagnose and treat my condition. I had blisters and facial redness and swelling and he had me under control with Prednisone in 2 days.  I was amazed by the ability to diagnose by listening to the history and doing a physical exam and furthermore by the rapid improvement in my condition with appropriate medication.

I was lucky enough to be able to do several clinical rotations while a 3rd and 4th year medical student and found the visual clues to skin disease fascinating. Dermatology involved skills in internal medicine, surgery, pathology and pediatrics. It was like detective work with history and the visual appearance of the rash leading to a diagnosis.

What changes have you noticed being a Dermatologist in the area for over 30 years?

The biggest change in 30 years has been the consolidation of 1 physician offices with larger practices where there is the chance for more interaction with colleagues and the chance to provide more services for patients.

The next big change has been the development of more effective medications that address some of our most common diseases – we now have targeted medicines for psoriasis and eczema along with more effective acne medications. These were once diseases that we could only barely control and we now can clear patients with these problems.

What do you love about your work?

My favorite conditions to treat are acne and rosacea – both chronic diseases with many new scientific developments that have helped our understanding of these conditions. It is gratifying to explain the basis of these diseases and the rational for different treatments so that patients can better understand them.

Anything else you’d like to share?

My wife and 4 children provide me love and support. They keep me going whenever I need encouragement and have been fully supportive of my 33 years in dermatology.

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