Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Winners

Ugly Christmas Sweaters in Philadelphia
From Left: Dr. Cirillo-Hyland, Dr. Capriotti, Christina S.
1st Place: Christina S.
2nd Place: Dr. Cirillo-Hyland
3rd Place: Dr. Capriotti

WHEN I’M 64!

christmas cheer at Cirillo Cosmetic

Casey R., Dr. Ryan, and Jackie S. remake the famous Beatles song – When I’m 64! at the holiday party.

Thank you to our wonderful, loyal team!

Cirillo Cosmetic Holiday Party

Pictured (Left to Right)
Dr. Capriotti – 10 Years
Holly B. – 15 Years
Bert S. – 5 Years
Caryn S. – 5 Years
Dalia W. – 5 Years
Dr. Cohen – 5 Years
Kathy K. – 10 Years
Marilyn B. – 10 Years
Diane C – 10 Years
Lynne Z. – 32 Years (seated)

Not Pictured
Dr. Hsu – 5 Years
Shea B. – 5 Years
Bernadette J. – 5 Years
Jayne L. – 5 Years
Joan V. – 5 Years

Our physicians are only as good as our team – thank you to these milestone achievers (and to all of our employees and providers) for taking great care of our patients!

Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland