Worried about side effects that might occur after a BOTOX® or similar injectable treatment? Even though botulinum toxin type A wrinkle relaxers, which our Philadelphia-area team provides for patients who want to reduce dynamic wrinkles, are less likely to cause bruising than  hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler injections, there are still some potential side effects that may occur.

The most common adverse effect is minor bruising—and this can be minimized with a little planning. Pre-care and post-care instructions are minimal when it comes to injectables, but if you’re having BOTOX® soon, here are some tips to help you get the best possible results. 

Avoid Blood-Thinning Supplements

If you’re concerned about the possibility of bruising—which can always happen with any type of injection and is never completely avoidable—pay attention to the foods, medications, and supplements you take prior to getting BOTOX®. For at least two weeks before, you should not take NSAIDs, anti-inflammatory drugs, omega-3 fatty acids, green tea, or any other supplements that have the effect of thinning the blood. Five days before, you should also avoid alcoholic beverages, which increase the possibility of bruising. Of course, if you need to continue taking any of these for medical conditions, continue to do so, and talk to us about your options.

Apply Ice to the Area 

You can gently apply ice to the treated area after BOTOX® injections to reduce potential bruising and swelling. The cold restricts blood flow in the area, decreasing the amount of blood that gets into surrounding tissue and causes visible bruising.

Keep Your Head Elevated 

BOTOX® takes several days to relax the muscles where it is injected. For four to six hours after a treatment session, keep your head elevated and level. Don’t put your head down or upside down. You also should avoid touching, rubbing, manipulating, or massaging your facial skin or engaging in any heavy exercise until the following day because exertion or pressure could cause to BOTOX® to migrate to other muscles. 

Find out whether you’re a candidate for wrinkle relaxers from The Cirillo Institute. These treatments are ideal for addressing crow’s feet, frown lines, wavy forehead lines, upper lip lines, and neck bands. If you would like to discover more about the benefits of injectables or are ready to set up a consultation, call 610.525.0500 or submit a contact form.