A Lifetime of Thank Yous – Teri Campbell Retirement Farewell (1995-2022)

In late SEPT, 1995 a fax came into the now destroyed South Medical Building at Bryn Mawr Hospital’s dermatology office responding to an Office Manager job opening advertised by Dr. Cornelius and Dr. Cirillo.

Teri Campbell’s resume caught the interest of Dr. Cirillo who was 2 years into her practice with Dr. Cornelius. Chum and Vicki had yet to create “Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer Institute“.

Dr. Cirillo hired Teri on the spot thru the fax after 1 phone call.

Fast forward 27 years – – every decision made to grow and improve Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer – and it’s two sister practices of CirilloInstitute.com – – EVERY decision included Teri Campbell’s handprint and stewardship.

Without Teri Campbell, we are not here today. Words cannot express our gratitude.

Thank you, Teri. We will always love you. You will be greatly missed.

Dr. Cirillo and Team