Gratitude and Friendship – Gayle Jentleson Retirement Farewell (2013-2022)

In late Spring, 2013 we interviewed two new Spa Director candidates. One was supposedly a high energy marketing savant, while the other was described as more of the “class president” type. We waited at the Glen Morgan for the “class president” to arrive, but there was no sign of her. Eventually the only woman in the restaurant who was chatting energetically and laughing “with a good friend” at the bar came over to our table to ask if we were waiting for someone. We told her we were expecting a Spa Director candidate to walk through the door any minute now. She replied, I’ve been here for 30 minutes waiting for you, I’m Gayle Jentleson.

Stunned, we apologized and told her we assumed she and the gentleman she was laughing with worked together? No, replied Gayle, “I just started a conversation him while I was waiting for you”. Gayle Jentleson sat down at our table, and she immediately became “our good friend”.

After we reviewed our practice history and Cirillo Cosmetic vision, Gayle asked us 25 questions, many of which we’d never asked ourselves. Gayle’s work history as an ICU Nurse and then as a Neiman Marcus retail sales rep intrigued us. By the end of lunch, it felt more like Gayle was interviewing us instead of the other way around.

Medical nursing, retail sales skills, and just a ton of fun to be around – seemed like the perfect combination. The other candidate never stood a chance.

Dr. Cirillo hired “our class president”, Gayle, the next day and we were off to the races. Gayle helped us take Cirillo Cosmetic to the “next level”, building fantastic patient relationships, and growing our team. And build a great team Gayle did. All but 1 of our staff were hired by Gayle! We love our team and we have Gayle’s amazing recruiting and interview skills to thank for it.

Fast forward 9 years – – every decision made to grow and improve Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa – EVERY decision included Gayle Jentleson’s stewardship and insight. We could always count on Gayle to be happy and fun, to lead and take pride in our team, to always do the right thing, and to make everyone feel “part of the family”.

Without Gayle Jentleson, we are not the practice we are today. Words cannot express our gratitude.

Thank you, Gayle. We will always love you. You will be greatly missed.

Dr. Cirillo and Team

Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland