Breast augmentation has consistently been one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures worldwide, year after year, and regularly enjoys high patient satisfaction ratings. It is a very customizable, versatile procedure, since the patient can choose everything from the size and shape of the implant to the type of filling, projection, and other details. Although breast augmentation provides volume that gives the breasts a noticeable boost in size right away, it can take a while for the skin to stretch and the implants to “settle” into place, so it will be some time before you see the final results. With that in mind, many people wonder: “How do I get the best results after breast augmentation?” Newtown Square– and Bryn Mawr-area plastic surgeon Dr. Laura Gowen at the Cirillo Center for Plastic Surgery knows that’s a question many of her patients have on their mind when they’re considering breast implants as a way of improving the size, shape, and symmetry of the breasts.

Here are some tips for patients who want to know what they can do before and after the surgery to maximize results.

Choose the Right Implant Size

There’s no one type of implant that’s best for everyone. The Cirillo Center for Plastic Surgery team will work with you to help you decide which implant size is most suitable for you. The right choice for you depends on your specific goals and anatomy. Sizing is something you should discuss at length with Dr. Gowen. The breast width and the diameter of the implant are some of the factors that will affect the final results, so it is important to make an educated choice.

Wear Supportive Bras

You’ll need to wear bras that support your breasts after the surgery to get the most out of the procedure. The proper undergarments will keep the breasts in a secure position as they heal, which can positively impact both the long-term results and patient comfort.

Follow Post-Operative Instructions

Adhere to post-operative guidelines as closely as possible and take good care of yourself during recovery to get the most out of the surgery. Get plenty of rest, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and keep your incisions clean. Don’t push yourself too hard when you’re healing. Dr. Gowen wants the best for all of her patients and has used her education and experience to develop guidelines that maximize results.

If you have more questions about plastic surgery—and breast augmentation in particular—contact the team at the Cirillo Center for Plastic Surgery for answers. Call 610.672.0500 or fill out a contact form to schedule a consultation.

Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland