May 2022 – Monthly Specials

Emsella and FemiLift – 15% OFF

Emsella and FemiLift – 15% OFF

  • EMSELLA® uses high-intensity focused electro magnetic (HIFEM®) technology to strengthen pelvic floor muscles in order to provide more muscular support to this area.
  • FemiLift is a fractionated laser treatment to induce vaginal collagen production to help with incontinence and to help increase vaginal moisture.

Plastic Surgery Special – Mommy Makeover 20% OFF Surgeon Fee 

Schedule your Mommy Makeover Consultation before June 30th

Receive 20% off your Surgeon Fee with Breast-Fellowship Trained Plastic Surgeon, Laura A. Gowen, MD.

Defenage and Empelle – 15% OFF

Defenage and Empelle – 15% OFF

*In-Office and Online.

Sunscreen – 10% OFF

Sunscreen – 10% OFF

Protect You Largest Organ!

The best advice to protect your skin during the summer comes from our Australian colleagues:

“Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide”!

  • Slip on protective clothing.

  • Slop on sunscreen with SPF 30+.

  • Slap on a wide brim hat to shade head, face, and neck.

  • Seek shade or shelter, especially during midday hours.

  • Slide on wrap-around sunglasses.

*In-Office and Online

Microneedling Packages

Microneedling with Dalia or Tracey

Purchase a package of 3 or 4 for special May pricing.

Package of 3 – $800

Package of 4 – $925

*In-Office Only for our Products and Services Consults!


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