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Why Is It So Difficult to Get “Six-Pack” Abs?

Obtaining the body type you want can be a lengthy and difficult journey. Many people desire super-defined “six-pack” abs, which are viewed as the epitome of “health” and “fitness.” The truth is, you may need help getting the shredded abs you want. The main reason why it’s so challenging is that too much fat covers […]

Will I Lose Weight with CoolSculpting® Elite?

We want to love the skin we’re in, and regular exercise is one way to improve our body image. But sometimes even when we’re counting calories and have a great exercise routine, the scale doesn’t seem to budge—and we might not be able to figure out why. This is what’s known as a weight-loss plateau […]

Can CoolSculpting® Tighten Loose Skin?

Loose skin can often be left behind on the belly, thighs, flanks, and arms after significant weight loss or pregnancy. With this in mind, one of the issues patients considering non-surgical fat reduction in the Philadelphia area often worry about is whether CoolSculpting® will result in them being left with saggy skin. Laxity is typically seen after patients […]