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Stimulate Collagen Production for Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, Main Line, and Beyond

Collagen is a vital element for healthy, young-looking skin. The problem is, as we age, collagen production decreases and collagen breakdown increases, causing connective tissues to weaken. A decrease in collagen in the skin leads to the formation of lines and wrinkles. Sun damage, smoking, alcohol consumption, and pollution all contribute to decreased collagen levels, leaving the skin looking worn out, dull, and old. An effective way to generate new collagen is with microneedling at the Bryn Mawr-and Newtown Square-based Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa.

During a microneedling treatment, which is sometimes called collagen induction therapy, an experienced medical professional uses a specialized device to trigger the production of new collagen. Increased levels of collagen in the skin result in smoother, younger-looking skin. Microneedling can also reduce the appearance of age/sun spots and acne scarring.

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How Does Microneedling Work?

The human body is very efficient when it comes to wound healing. Microneedling is a non-surgical technique that makes use of this ability by using small needles located on a pen-shaped medical device to produce microscopic wounds in the skin. These tiny wounds heal rapidly, leaving no scars. During the process of healing, these microscopic wounds and the surrounding untreated skin improve in quality.

The wound healing processes created by microneedling result in increased blood flow, as well as collagen and elastin production as the skin repairs itself and restores the dermal layer. Smoother, younger-looking skin emerges. Microneedling is an alternative to various light and laser treatments, offering similar anti-aging results.

The pen-shaped microneedling device is typically used on the face (including the delicate, thin area around the eyes), neck, chest, and scalp. It can additionally be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the body.

Patients who choose this mechanical treatment enjoy long-term effects. The improvement continues for weeks as collagen levels continue to rise after a microneedling treatment. After completing a session, patients should wear daily sunscreen and make healthy lifestyle choices to maintain their results. Treatments can be repeated.

Talk to the Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa team to determine if microneedling should be in your anti-aging regimen.


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Preparing for Microneedling

To get the best possible outcome from microneedling, it's always best to go with a licensed professional—such as a dermatologist, physician assistant, nurse, or aesthetician at a dermatology practice—who is skilled and experienced with conducting this treatment. This helps to ensure that your procedure is done safely and minimizes any risks involved.

What Are the Benefits of Microneedling?

Microneedling is good for many skin concerns, including wrinkles, sun damage, fine lines, stretch marks, loose skin, acne scars and other scars, skin discoloration, enlarged pores, and texture irregularities. Microneedling can also be used in combination with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to improve hair growth, soften stretch marks, and to further enhance the quality of the skin.

Microneedling can be used to enhance the penetration of topical skincare products into the skin. This technique helps to further increase collagen production and thus, skin thickness.

All skin types can benefit from microneedling. However, the Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology team cautions that it isn't suitable for everyone and may worsen symptoms of eczema, rosacea, and active acne, and can irritate sensitive skin. Microneedling is not recommended for people who have sunburn, infections, or wound healing problems.

Microneedling Results and Aftercare

This treatment is comfortable and well tolerated by patients. There are few risks associated with microneedling, and minimal recovery time is required. Patients can go back to their typical daily activities immediately. A hat and sunscreen are recommended following treatment.

Patients will see improvements in their skin soon after microneedling. However, the results continue to improve in the weeks following treatment as collagen levels gradually increase.

To maintain the most aesthetically pleasing results without aggravating your skin, dermatologists recommend gentle skincare products following microneedling. Topical hyaluronic acid products can help to accelerate healing and enhance the effects of microneedling. Microneedling is often performed over a series of four to six sessions to obtain the best results.

What Can Complement Microneedling?

PRP is a treatment that makes use of the platelet-rich portion of a patient's blood. Blood is drawn from the patient, then spun down in a centrifuge, and the resulting platelet-rich layer is either injected or applied topically to the skin. PRP is rich in growth factors, which induce changes in the skin, resulting in a more youthful look. On its own, it can be a powerful option for anyone looking for skin rejuvenation. When paired with microneedling, it can be especially effective.

Radiofrequency (RF) energy can also enhance a microneedling treatment. Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa offers Infini RF microneedling. This sophisticated device uses the needles as transmission points for delivering RF energy to specific depths in the skin. Similar to platelet-rich plasma, the added RF element improves wound-healing processes and encourages new collagen production. Infini has been a "game changer" for acne scars, upper lip lines, and neck tightening.

Contact Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa for a consultation about microneedling in the Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, and Philadelphia area by visiting the Contact Us page on our website or phoning 610.525.0500.
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