Cosmetic Dermatology

Meet Dr. Cirillo & Our
Licensed Aesthetic Providers

Led by board-certified dermatologist Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland, M.D., our certified PA-Cs, licensed registered nurses, and skin care therapists provide comprehensive aesthetic skin rejuvenation to help our clients look and feel 10 years younger.

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Meet Our Dermatologists &
Certified Physician Assistants

Our board-certified dermatologists & PA-Cs are dedicated to detecting and treating skin cancers. We treat the full spectrum of skin diseases. Our Mohs and Plastic Surgery practices are integrated, and offer patients the most advanced skin cancer treatment, delivering superior outcomes.

Laura A. Gowen, MD

Meet Plastic Surgeon
Laura A. Gowen, M.D.

Board-certified and breast-fellowship trained plastic surgeon Laura A. Gowen, M.D., draws on her extensive experience and uses advanced techniques to create beautiful, natural results for both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patients.

Laura A. Gowen, MD
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Meet Our Mohs Surgeons

Kara D. Capriotti, M.D. and John K. Mulholland, M.D. perform Mohs Micrographic Surgery for the treatment of skin cancers. Mohs is a specialized surgery technique that maximizes skin cancer cure rates while minimizing removal of healthy tissue surrounding the cancer. Superior outcomes are achieved with this “tissue-sparing” technique.

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Meet Our Dermatopathologist

John K. Mulholland, M.D. is double board-certified in Dermatology and Dermatopathology. Dr. Mulholland interprets skin biopsies under the microscope to make definitive diagnoses. Accurate microscopic interpretation is critical for the selection of the appropriate treatment.

ABD Certified
ABD Dermatopathologist Certified