Professional Dermatology Colleague / Fellow Flyers & Springsteen Fan / Retiring Summer, 2022

After a stint in show business on a few soap operas, Janet decided to make use of her undergraduate degree in biology from Lehigh University, and her graduate degrees from Villanova University and Beaver College. Janet E. DeSipio became one of the early pioneers in the Physician Assistant career path, and she took an interest in Dermatology.

Janet joined BRYN MAWR SKIN & CANCER INSTITUTE (BMSC) in 2005 with five years of dermatology practice experience. She had expertise in treating all routine skin problems, and proved to be an excellent patient educator and communicator. When Dr. Cirillo interviewed Janet for the BMSC position, 25% of her questions focused on Janet’s Dermatology acumen and patient empathy/care. The other 75% of the questions focused on Janet’s early Bruce Springsteen fandom (see Janet’s picture with Bruce Springsteen during The River Tour at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, in December, 1980!).

Janet was hired immediately, as Dr. Cirillo could see Janet’s priorities and love of medicine aligned perfectly with Dr. Cirillo and the BMSC practice!

For years, Janet and her husband shared Flyers season tickets with Dr. Cirillo’s family and another couple. Draft day to split the season tickets was always fun because we each competed to get the “best” games, or more likely the games of childhood favorites – the Bruins for Dr. Cirillo’s husband, and the Rangers for the other couple.

Fast forward 17 years, and Janet has been a mainstay contributor to our practice, and has treated tens of thousands of patients with a cheery, educational flair. We could always count on Janet to take extra time to ensure her patient exam notes were exactly how she wanted to record the essence of her visit and diagnosis.

We can’t thank Janet enough for her 17 years of BMSC patient service, and the effort and care she so obviously poured her daily work. Janet has decided to retire this summer, 2022 and we are currently working with her to finalize her exact patient schedule. Dr. Cirillo has read and reviewed EVERY patient chart that Janet has completed for her patients, so she has excellent insight into each patient’s care plan.

Transition Plan

Anytime a practice provider retires, there is an adjustment period for that provider’s long-term, established patients. Dr. Cirillo and our Management Team thank Janet for providing the practice with 9+ months advanced notice prior to her retirement. As fate would have it, Janet helped to train a bright medical assistant years ago who became one of the strongest medical assistants we’ve ever had – Fiona M. Halloran. Fiona went on to earn her Physician Assistant degree and she re-joined Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer Institute in the Fall of 2021. Fiona is positioned to be available to care for many of Janet’s patients when she retires.

If you are an established patient of BMSC and Janet, and would like to schedule a visit with her before she retires, please BOOK ONLINE or call 610.525.5028 option 1 to schedule a visit with Janet prior to the summer of 2022.

Beginning in March/April, 2022, Janet is making each patient aware of her retirement timetable.

Depending on Janet’s recommendation for your next visit, our schedulers will assist you in setting up your next appointment with Janet or a new BMSC Dermatologist or PA-C.

If you are a patient that visits BMSC and has regular follow-up with Janet, then we encourage you to schedule your next 1 or 2 visits with Janet prior to her retirement.  During those visits, it is possible that you will meet Fiona M. Halloran, PA-C, in a shadow role as she meets and gets to know Janet’s patients.

If you have additional questions, our BMSC Office Managers (Joann or Liz) are available to review your treatment history. They can recommend a Transition Plan for you, and advise you on what Dr. Cirillo’s provider recommendation is, based on the skin conditions you are being treated for. If you have any questions, you may call us at 610.525.5028 to discuss your transition of care plan further.

Thank you for being a BMSC patient. We look forward to a well-planned transition where we make sure you are informed, and are very comfortable with your next BMSC Dermatology provider.

We wish Janet & her husband Eddie a wonderful, and well-deserved retirement.



Janet E. DeSipio, PA-C – Gallery Photos


Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland