Can implants ever look natural? Our Bryn Mawr-based team at the Cirillo Center for Plastic Surgery knows that this is usually a question on the minds of patients who are considering breast augmentation surgery. While an obviously enhanced look was once a style preferred by some patients, many now prefer a more subtle enhancement. The goal is to enjoy an increase in volume without advertising it.

Some people who choose breast augmentation want a curvier look, but many patients want implants that look and feel as natural as possible. No one needs to know that you’ve had breast augmentation (unless you want them to know).

Some characteristics usually associated with natural-looking implants include a mild slope toward the nipple, most of the volume sitting in the lower parts of the breasts, breasts that don’t sit too high, and breasts that feel and move like real tissue.

Regardless of why you decide to have breast augmentation, there are techniques that can help you get all of the above: natural and subtle-looking results and a more toned-down, softer look that complements your natural figure.

Consider an Under the Muscle Placement

One factor patients should always consider is how their implants are positioned. Having your implants inserted under the pectoral muscles can create a more natural and gradual-looking slope. This placement will create a “smoother silhouette” and may also be best for very slim patients who don’t have much padding on the chest.

Choose the Right Surgeon

A plastic surgeon with significant breast augmentation experience, technical skill, and an eye for body proportions and other details will be crucial for anyone who wants natural-looking results. Arrange a consultation with Dr. Laura Gowen to learn more.

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Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland