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Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon in Philadelphia: What to Consider

The first step in getting the best plastic surgery, as our Philadelphia-area Cirillo Institute team advises, is finding a top-notch surgeon. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Laura Gowen, is board certified, experienced in a wide range of procedures, and highly regarded in the industry. Interested patients can read her CV online, as well as see before-and-after photos that […]

Why Is It So Difficult to Get “Six-Pack” Abs?

Obtaining the body type you want can be a lengthy and difficult journey. Many people desire super-defined “six-pack” abs, which are viewed as the epitome of “health” and “fitness.” The truth is, you may need help getting the shredded abs you want. The main reason why it’s so challenging is that too much fat covers […]

What Types of Breast Reconstruction Are Available?

Breast reconstruction is a method of restoring the natural appearance of the breasts after cancer treatment, for correction of congenital deformities, or to address volume loss and other cosmetic problems after traumatic injury. Each woman has her own unique reasons for choosing this procedure, whether it’s to improve confidence, help clothing to fit better, or […]