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A Guide to Anti-Aging Dermal Fillers from Philadelphia Area Dermatologist Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland

As we age, a number of changes in our facial skin can affect its appearance, making us look older, fatigued, and anxious.  In the past, the only effective options were painful, surgical, and entailed a prolonged recovery period.  However, in the last few years, modern medicine has made tremendous advances in developing safe and potent […]

Stay Safe in The Sun with the Five “Ss” of Summer Skin Care, from Philadelphia-Area Dermatologist Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland, MD

Skin cancer is closely linked to sun exposure. There is no such thing as a safe tan! Studies have also shown that tanning beds are associated with an increased risk. Just say no! Furthermore, UV rays are responsible for accelerated photo-aging of your skin. You can protect your skin like a pro with these easy […]

Healthy foods

Foods To Eat That Help Fight Sun Damage

  Summer is here and the time is right to enjoy these sun-damage fighting foods! Tomatoes and watermelon contain an antioxidant lycopene which has been proven to provide protection against sun damage. Sweet potatoes and carrots contain beta-carotene which also protects against sun damage and even helps repair it. Be certain to eat deeply colored […]

Summer Skin Care Tip From Dr. Cirillo-Hyland

As our Australian colleagues remind us:  Slip on a shirt, Slop on SPF 30+ sunscreen, Slap on a hat, Seek shade or shelter, and Slide on some sunnies….. “Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide”.  This is the best way to decrease your risk of skin cancer and to prevent sun related aging! Summer Skin Care Tip […]

Lifetime Airline Tickets Cost How Much?

IN THE early 1980s, American Airlines, strapped for cash, decided to start selling passes for unlimited first-class travel for life. At the time, the passes cost $250,000 (around $600,000 in today’s dollars), with a companion ticket available for an extra $150,000 and discounts for older people. Lifetime Airline Tickets Cost How Much? was last modified: […]

Cirillo Institute Halloween 2016

Victoria Cirillo-Hyland Dressed As A Gorilla For Halloween Fun

Victoria Cirillo-Hyland Dressed As A Gorilla For Halloween Fun was last modified: October 20th, 2017 by CirilloHyland

Smooth Skin, Pain Free Laser Hair Removal Service

Move over “talking gecko”, cavemen and cavewomen are quickly becoming extinct!  The new pain free hair removal and skin resurfacing systems at Cirillo Cosmetic have clients commenting that all prior forms of hair removal and skin resurfacing are “positively barbaric” compared to the painless comfort afforded by these new systems.  Fall is the best time […]

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