How Does Botulinum Toxin Work?

Learn About the Active Ingredient in BOTOX® and Other Wrinkle Relaxers Available for Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, and the Main Line

Have you been typing “BOTOX® near me?” into your search bar? You’re not alone! When it comes to botulinum toxin injections, our Bryn Mawr-based team at Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa regularly gets inquiries about the wrinkle-relaxing injectable from patients in Newtown Square, the Main Line, and the entire Philadelphia area—and it’s not just BOTOX®. Daxxify, Dysport®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau are also made to minimize facial wrinkles via the same active ingredient: botulinum toxin, which minimizes contractions in specific muscles in the face to soften your expression lines.

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What Is Botulinum Toxin?

The earliest signs of facial aging typically show on the forehead or eye area, as well as around the cheeks or lips. This is because these areas are constantly moving. Facial movements involved in expressions—such as squinting, smiling, furrowing the brow, or raising the eyebrows—ultimately cause the development of dynamic wrinkles (also known as expression wrinkles). Although these lines are a natural part of aging, some people dislike the way the wrinkles make them look tired, overly concerned, or generally older.

Botulinum toxin is a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This potent substance blocks nerve signals in muscles, leading to temporary “forced” relaxation. Controlled and diluted forms of botulinum toxin are used for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. In aesthetic medicine, injections containing this ingredient are widely employed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by relaxing key facial muscles. Additionally, it is utilized by doctors to treat various medical conditions, such as muscle spasms and excessive sweating, as well as BOTOX® for TMJ and BOTOX® for migraines. When administered carefully, botulinum toxin has become a valuable tool in both medicine and aesthetics.
Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa uses botulinum toxin for cosmetic purposes, reducing wrinkles and providing other benefits for months at a time.

Which Areas Can BOTOX® Treat?

There are many areas that can be targeted with botulinum toxin injections, which are mainly used for regions where muscle activity is affecting facial features. BOTOX® for forehead wrinkles, such as frown lines and glabellar lines, is one of the most common options.

Additionally, some patients may benefit from other BOTOX® injection sites, such as under eyes BOTOX® to reduce wrinkles and bulges below the eye area, a BOTOX® brow lift to elevate drooping eyebrows, masseter BOTOX® for reducing the size of the jaw muscles, BOTOX® for marionette lines to lift downturned mouth corners, and similar BOTOX® face treatments.

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How Much Do Botulinum Toxin Injections Cost?

Curious about how much BOTOX® costs? The price of botulinum toxin injections varies based on multiple factors, such as how pronounced the unwanted lines and wrinkles are, how dramatic the patient would like their results to be, and how much of the product is used.

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What Other Cosmetic Procedures Are Available?

Wrinkle relaxers are a popular option for facial rejuvenation, but Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa also offers other strategies to improve the appearance of the skin, such as dermal fillers, microneedling, and laser skin resurfacing.

Learn more about how you could benefit from treatments with botulinum toxin for Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, and the Philadelphia area by contacting Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa. Please BOOK ONLINE, call 610.525.5029, or visit our Contact Us page.

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